Dress up my Blog!

Helloooooooooo!   How is everyone doing, my blog is starting to bore me a little, so I cannot blame anyone if they are not following it!  If I don’t find it interesting who else will LOL, its not like my life is this big roller coaster ride full of excitement, far from it!   I’m sitting here trying to figure out how to make it work!   Decisions, decisions, I will figure it out somehow! I was thinking of pictures, and talking about all my doggies, 4  shitz zu and 1 rat terrier (you think I would know how to spell the kind of dogs I have, kill that name all the time) but my dogs are cuties, their name are Bella, Benji, Baily, Brie and the rat terrier is Max. Love these guys, a little much at times but great to be around, family would not be complete without them!  I know 5 dogs are you crazy, yea I am crazy!  Started of with Sam, my chocolate Lab, he passed a couple of years ago, he was such a good dog, when we had Sam, Max came into the picture, hubby knew nothing about it until my son and I walked into the house with him in our arms. Lets say he was not a happy person, but he coped with it.  and the list got bigger, but of course Sam died and we have only the small dogs now!  I am proud of how clean I keep things in the house, you would never know I have that may dogs.  When we have a backyard party they have a ball and the guest just love them!   The last BBQ we had a guest, went  into the house and she said to me,  you would never know you have 5 dogs, thank god I would die if my house smelled like dog!  LOL  We decided to breed the dogs to bring in extra income and it is going well!  Are you excited yet?  Only kidding!  Okay back to decisions , decisions, but you know what, I am happy and that is  really what is important, Love, family and happiness oh and lets not forget laughter.  Okay now I sound like the Brady Bunch!  Well Guys the weekends here and I hope you all have a safe and fun filled weekend!  Love to all!

Gotta love Facebook!

I really am so happy, that I have reconnected with family I have not seen for years via Facebook,  I have cousins, cousins and more cousins than I could name. I always loved that about my family.Because of Facebook I can not keep in touch and am so excited about it, you have no Idea!   We have not seen each other in years, you know how that goes, families of your own just get bigger and bigger and before you know it everyone is doing there own thing.  You have 1rst cousins than 2nd cousins and 3rd cousins and there is no way you could keep up with them all!   But circumstances have reconnected us, and that’s a good thing. So cheers to my Facebook may you live on and on!!  lol  Okay now that I said what I had to say, having another feel good day, 3 in a row ,whew hew.  Again I came home and house was clean and all kitchen cabinet doors closed and toilet bowl flushed and dogs out, you gotta love it!  I really think, they got it or maybe they just don’t want to hear the Italian mouth screaming, LOL  anyway I will take it and if it takes that to get what I want Its okay with me!  I feel like a guy now, you know, how most come home and kick off  their shoes and sit in front of the TV and just hang out the rest of the night!  Thats me for now, at least a little like that and it feels good!   I am sure it will not be a sure thing  just yet, but I will keep working on it!  It is going to be a beautiful day today for lots of reason, all I just mentioned and the weather is great too!  Everyone enjoy your day , stress free, breath the air and love to all!

Blog, I love YOU!

How is everyone doing, it is a beautiful day in the (Garden State) of  New Jersey,  I am having another good day of  isn’t  it great to be alive day!  LOL   I love when my mood is like this, and so does my family, my husband and son love when I am not bouncing off the wall and want everything  just so.   What  kills me is  they don’t  realize they are helping me stay that way, hows that you say,  well coming home from a long day at work to a clean house helps a lot and  keeps my mood in tack, not  having to pick up after them is a big  thumbs up and with them finally paying attention to the dogs and letting them out before I get home and I don’t  have to do it helps, big time.  So whats the saying ,when I am happy so will you be , I guess they finally got the message after all these years….   All joking aside it is great knowing at least for now that all I have to really do is kick back and relax a little!  I feel like a princess or something like that!    Saturday morning  we are going to my brothers to spend the night, (he lives in upstate NY)  love when we do that we have such a good time, and its great to be with the family. I would have loved to leave Friday but with the dogs its hard and I really do not want to inconvenience anyone longer than I have to.  All in all, everything is good, no complaints at all for the moment!  I will talk to you all tomorrow and I am hoping the  drama days are coming to a steady close!  Wait a minute, that’s not going to happen I’m Italian, not in this lifetime at least! LOL   Have a great day everyone and enjoy, big Hugs and Kisses to all!


Happy happy Monday!

Feel good feeling today, not a clue why but I do and I plan on keeping it all day no matter what!  I had a wonderful weekend with no drama in site.  On Saturday went to a beautiful afternoon wedding for my cousin and had a great time. Love, love, love, did I say love LOL my family so much and always enjoy when I reconnect with all of them!  Saturday was   a thumbs up day, Sunday had to go to a funeral for a great Aunt which of course was sad, but in the mist of all that reconnected with distant cousins that I have not seen for years so that turn out to be a thumbs up day too.  And of course Football, my Giants lost( boohoo) but at least the Jets won for the city of New York so thumbs up to them!   It was a thoughtful weekend for all lost to 911  it feels like yesterday to me not 10 years ago and something we all of course will remember for the rest of our lives.   My prayers are with all the families and friends who lost there love ones, God bless you all!    A new week of beginnings is upon us, so enjoy life to its fullest, you really truly never know what the next day brings!


I told you so!

Oh yea, I told you if there is a will, there is a way!  That is my day today, and I love, love love it!   It feels so good when everything goes as you planned it!   Day went smooth as pie  and I feel great!  I wish every day could go as well. I do appreciate the days when it falls all in your lap, so no complaints here.   Friday is here and the weekend, we are going to my cousins  wedding  on Saturday so that will be nice.  She so deserves it, and I am very happy for her. What is Sunday, cannot here you what is Sunday?    Footballlllllllllllllll !   Yea yea!   LOL   Let the Sunday games begin, so ready for them.  Family and fun Sundays all season long.    Oh and lets not forget Monday night football only draw back is work the next day, oh well you gotta do what you gotta do!   Well,  friends and family have a great weekend be safe and stay happy!  See ya!

Whats a girl to do!

I am having the day from hell, everything is not falling into place like I expected it to!   Every turn there is another obstacle in my way and my brain cells are on overload.  So what is a girl to do or more like it a women to do,you guessed it you pick your self up and just keep going of course.  Things always turn out in the long run , I always feel like what is meant to be will be.  Things always  happen for a reason, and what doesn’t kill you will make you stronger.  I think that is why I turned out to be such a strong minded person!   I always try to be positive about everything, even if  everything is not going the way I planned.  It always feels like okay this is it, no way to solve this and than walla things just fall into place.  So even if right now is the day from hell, I know in the long run everything is good!   I feel a lot of arms wrapped around me right now!


I’m Back!

I’m back, did you miss me, LOL  probably not but can’t help but ask anyway!  Had a very nice and relaxing 5 days off, and I enjoyed it so much.  I sound like a complainer, but believe me I really do love to work and my job is not a physical thing it is more of a mental thing that I need the rest from.  It is needed periodically I’m sure for a lot of people, not only me!  Did a lot of nice and relaxing things. went to see the Duprees and Kenny Vance , they were very good, my husband talked me into going so I did and I had no regrets at all.  Enjoyed a nice family barbecue and really enjoyed my little great nephew Dylan, he is such a cutie!    I have to say I do not know how I would be able to stay home 24/7  without something to do! I have a lot of nervous energy to burn and working gets me motivated and going!  I am thinking of what I will do when I retire in about 6years from now,  I’ll figure it out I have hobbies I enjoy doing so all will be good! For some reason I just was not in the mood for computers this weekend at all, so my blogging was a no go too!   Robbie is now a senior in HS, last year can you believe it, I can’t.  Graduation day will be here before you know it!    I feel like it was just yesterday when he was in Kindergarten, all I can say to all young moms out there enjoy, because before you know it they are young adults. I remember everyone telling me that and I thought I had plenty of time.  In a blink of an eye it is here and now!   The next chapter of my life is coming and I really can not wait!  That is my outlook from now on,  another chapter of life begins and all is good and beautiful!!   Love to all!

Fall is in the air!

Love it , Love it, Love it , by the way did I say I loved it!  LOL  Really in a good mood, will be off of work for 5days, coming back on Wed. Looking  for a break, and some R&R and some family time  before  school and all the holidays start with running around and everything else that comes along with it!  Now mind you, I am not complaining at all, I love this time of year and will fully enjoy it all!   Love the fresh crisp air in the morning  and can not wait till the leaves change colors!  I thank God that everyone I love is healthy and they all stay that way.  Of course, I wish my Aunt Connie could be here to enjoy, what I know for sure she loved the most in her life, her family!    But of course that can not be, so I will keep my moments with her in my heart always.  On a happier note Football season games are coming and I love watching with the family and going nuts, nuts and more nuts!  This year we are going to NYC to see the Christmas tree  and that is fun!   So to all , enjoy life, stay healthy and happy and love to all!

Great Job!!

I am of course talking about my son,Robbieeeeee  LOL, he did a great job taking responsibility with getting home from Manhattan New York  last night, all by himself and all I had to do was pick him up at train station.  I know what your thinking, he is 18 years old, he should be able to do that by himself.  Sorry folks not in my world you don’t  the number 18 is just that a number, maturity is what matters and being responsible enough to do thinks on your own.  He showed me he is just that and I am very proud of him for given it a go and knowing how to handle things when in a jam.  What happen was his Dad told him to take a cab to Grand Central station and he did just that, but it was wrong so he had to get another cab and go to Penn Station  to catch the train.   With the delays and some cancelled trains all turned  out well and he made it home in one piece.  It was around 10pm, and if or when you are a mother you will know what I mean, worrying comes with the territory and it will always be with you know matter what!  So for my son, ” CHEERS TO YOU” and I love you!   Have a great day to all and a  lot of  hugs and kisses your way!!

Tired, tired, tired!

Did I tell you I was tired, I am beat!  Only slept an hour or 2 last night. Robbie had to be at train station by 4:00am this morning, so I waited with him for train to find out it was running late.  We decide to  go back home to get my husband and we drove him to Manhattan so he would make it there by 6am to meet the shuttle bus that was taking  him to Long Island NY.   After rocket breaking speed , Bob was still able to get to work and I was able to get blood work done, and make it to work early with time to spare.  I can not stand when I am tired like this, thank God it does not happen all the time, it really makes for a long long day of work!  Later on I will go home and do some odds and ends ,take a cat nap until Robbie calls for me to pick him up at  train station.  I only hope he does not fall asleep on ride home and misses his stop to get off. LOL  Can you picture me chasing the train to somehow get him off  it!   OMG,  please do not let that happen!   All I could think of right now is sleep.  Short  blog today because every time  I  hit the keyboard I am messing up the letters big time, and all I see is blurriness. Enjoy your day and be safe everyone.